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The cost of performing CFD is also a common put-off. With outlays that can reach £100,000s before generating a single result, this is not surprising. Unreasonably high licensing costs, expensive hardware to compute large simulations and the need to employ experienced CFD engineers all add up.

ECS can offer a drastically different outlook on this landscape. Our processes are created with time and cost savings in mind.

Compared to adopting traditional CFD approaches, our approach can save considerable money.

  • License costs of traditional packages can easily be over £100,000. We use trusted and reliable open-source solvers, so our license costs and nil.
  • A standard HPC computer costs over £30,000. We have our own high computing capabilities, so customers need not outlay for expensive computing power. Our computing rates are very affordable, around half the price of AWS.
  • Experienced CFD engineers are compulsory to use traditional packages. A simulation setup incorrectly may well provide a plausible yet incorrect result which can cause huge downstream rectification costs. All our CFD engineers are very experienced, and because our CFD is significantly quicker than traditional packages, less time is engineering needed.