Customer Process Review

ECS share their in-depth experience of thermal simulation, modelling and test procedures by offering reviews of customer processes.
Our reviews can add tremendous value to the speed and efficiency of customers thermal analysis and provide additional confidence in the results generated.
  • Expert review & critique of thermal simulations, modelling and test procedures
  • Value Enhancement of thermal analysis process, through verification and confidence assessment
  • Development of your internal processes for thermal analysis, and training of your team

Thermal modelling tools with built in templates and model parameters can be very attractive due to their quick setup from the template database and built-in capability tailored to electric drives.

Although these convenient tools can add tremendous value to a design process, it is vital that engineers understand what is happening ‘under the hood’ to have confidence in the results generated, rather than blindly trusting a black box to provide accurate performance predictions.

ECS have extensive understanding of the different modelling tools and their operation. We can advise on ways to improve your model setups, allowing you to utilise these user-friendly and convenient tools with greater confidence in the generated results.

  • Understanding the assumptions made in the thermal model, and how this impacts your results
  • Which correlations are best suited for different operating conditions, for example Heat Transfer Coefficients
  • Ways of improving accuracy of the predictions, for example by using externally generated data to improve the often-unreliable built-in assumptions

Used correctly, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) allows engineers to gather incredible insight into the performance of their hardware.

There are several barriers to the use of CFD as a mainstay engineering tool, including the perception of the time it takes (and resulting costs and project delays). Further, improper simulation setup leads to incorrect and misleading results, which can cause mistrust.

ECS have been successfully using CFD for electric drive design for 15 years. We understand the common pitfalls and understand how to create quick and robust processes to setup CFD models. We can assess your procedures and help improve processes to streamline your simulation procedure and give you increase confidence in your results.

  • Review of methodologies, highlighting any common pitfalls which may by influencing result accuracy
  • Helping you define best practices for simulation, for example in deciding mesh sizing and near wall inflation layering or in assessing solution convergence
  • Data analysis methods, to get the most value out of the generated results
  • Ensuring your CFD practitioners have a streamlined, consistent, and reliable CFD process

ECS are able to offer an expert review of your thermal engineering processes. This has many benefits, including reducing simulation time by streamlining processes, introducing additional approaches with specific benefits and increasing accuracy in results through the implementation of best practices.

As a result, customers are able to take advantage from quicker turnaround times and greater confidence in generated data.