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Thermal optimisation is at the heart of all cost-efficient e-motor and power electronic design.

Increasingly, ECS’s customers want to engage with specialist services rather than simple contracting out – ECS strongly supports this approach, and actively facilitates technology transfer and training through our tool development strategy:

Bespoke Thermal Analysis Tools:

Designed to maximise value from thermal modelling, and independent evaluation of what-ifs and sensitivity studies.

  • Tool created and validated by ECS experts, tailored to your product
  • Customer-defined variable parameter are built into the tool allowing unlimited, cost-free reuse of the tool
  • Training and support provided as required
  • Model updates to track your product evolution

Customer Benefits:

  • Closer engagement of customer team with analysis
  • Long term value derived from simulation
  • Evolution of tool with product
  • Expert support on hand to guide analysis and ensure robust accurate results

ECS routinely create thermal modelling tools for customers to adopt into their in-house design process.
Delivered in a format which requires no specialist software, these models accurately capture the thermal behaviour of specific hardware and allow customers to confidently explore design options without ongoing consultancy costs.
All models are supported by ECS to ensure ongoing model functionality and to implement future features into the model.