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Optimisation of stator vent design through ventilated synchronous generators

1 Introduction Synchronous generators are widely used in power generation applications. Gen Sets (generators coupled to typically diesel or gas-powered engines) are common for electricity generation for remote off-grid locations. Wind turbines and other renewables which convert mechanical to electrical power also rely upon synchronous generators for this conversion process. Further applications include power regeneration […]

Compact Cooling for High Power Density Electronics

Everything is getting more powerful. And smaller. Electrical drives typify this. Small, compact and power dense drives are essential to meet the technical requirements in certain sectors. As an example, automotive EVs are driven by low cost and long drive ranges – requirements that feed up to designers to create smaller, lighter and more efficient […]

The Benefits of Cloud

Our transition to Cloud Computing means we can run CFD simulations on greater computing power with effectively endless capacity. This means we can run more detailed models, with quicker computing speed and can even solve several simulations in parallel. This accelerated turnaround of high detail data allows more informed design decisions with no delay to […]


Volume & Efficiency Improvements for an Integrated Motor Drive

Challenge: A customers development project involved creating a compact and lightweight intgrated inverter and motor for a high perfomance automotive application. Within the overall fixed casing envelope, compartments were allocated for the electric motor and power converter sections. This high power density drive required a compact power inverter to be designed. A reliable cooling system […]


Continuous Performance Improvement for Through-Flow Generator

Challenge: The electrical output of generators operating at a continuous load point are strictly constrained by the thermal performance. Ensuring the operating temperature does not exceed material limits is crucial to delivering high efficiency, reliability and long service life. Optimisation of the cooling performance of generators ensures that maximum output can be achieved without compromising these performance criteria. ECS was […]


Bespoke Thermal Modelling Tool Development for Parameterised End-User Design

Background: Thermal optimisation is at the heart of all cost-efficient e-motor and power electronic design. Increasingly, ECS’s customers want to engage with specialist services rather than simple contracting out – ECS strongly supports this approach, and actively facilitates technology transfer and training through our tool development strategy: Bespoke Thermal Analysis Tools: Designed to maximise value from thermal modelling, and independent evaluation […]